Professional Liability Insurance

For active and inactive dive professionals, dive professionals in training, assistant instructors and instructors, DAN Professional Liability Insurance offers up to US$1,000,000 per claim / US$2,000,000 aggregate. These plans can be customized by adding technical diving endorsement, rebreather endorsement, equipment liability and excess liability coverage.

Professional TypeDAN MemberNonMember
Instructor (Scuba)$649$681
Assistant Instructor/Instructor in Training (Scuba)$379$398
Divemaster, Divemaster in Training (Scuba)$379$398
Freediving/Swimming Instructor$379$398
Tail Coverage (Retired Scuba Instructor)$379$398
Tail Coverage (Divemaster)$229$239
Optional CoverageDAN MemberNonMember
Unlimited Defense$0$0
Equipment Liability$270$285
Excess Liability$430$454
*All prices include tax and fees

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