DAN Examiner #11495 Danny Donegan
phone: 404-791-0697e-mail: training@tecmedtraining.com
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Danny Donegan decided to become a scuba instructor to start the new millennium after leaving active duty in the US Army. Having served in a LRS unit, the military had effectively made camping, hiking, and parachuting all work activities, so diving was the next logical thing to pick up. Once he became an Instructor he went all in and consumed all of the diving education that was available to him. He became the first DAN Instructor Trainer sanctioned under the program to allow Staff Instructors to qualify. Subsequently, he completed his diving Instructor Trainer ratings in both recreational and technical diving, later becoming a DAN Examiner.

Danny is currently your DAN Ambassador in the field and represents the agency directly to the membership. He is also one of your highly capable Examiners, able to train and certify Providers, Instructors, and Instructor Trainers on the full DAN curricula of diving safety.

Education of all types has always been a priority. Danny earned a Masters of Accounting and Financial Management, a Bachelors of Business Administration in Accountancy, a Graduate Certificate from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, and is an “Old Boy” from Kemper Military College.

In the medical community, Danny is a certified Paramedic (National Registry, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania), a certified Diver Medic (DMT) through NBDHMT and IBUM, a certified Diver Medic - Instructor (DMT-I) through IANTD, a Certified Hyperbaric Technician (CHT) through NBDHMT, and a Certified Hyperbaric Chamber Operator through IBUM. He holds current certifications in ACLS, ASLS, ATT, EVOC, PALS, PHTLS, and Wilderness.

Currently holding active Instructor Trainer Certifications from IANTD, SDI, TDI, Divers Alert Network, MEDIC First Aid, and the American Safety and Health Institute, Danny has over 300 active Leadership level credentials including ACLS, Advanced Trimix, Solo, DMT, Advanced Gas Blending, PALS, and Scubility.

Danny has taught classes and supervised dives in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, the Republic of Kiribati, Mexico, Spain, and extensively throughout the United States. His motto is, “Have dive gear, will travel.” If you are looking to put together a class anywhere in the DAN Americas territory, to include the United States and Central America, he’ll be available to you. As a DAN Examiner and an Ambassador for the dive safety cause, he likes to impart upon all divers that: “It’s not just about the material and the class – it’s about the knowledge you take away from it.”

Contact Danny to schedule a DAN class (Provider, IQC, ITW) for you or your dive shop. Ask him how you can turn your Dive Shop into a DAN Training Center (DTC) and promote your dedication to Dive Safety along with your love of diving.