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Due to a shortage of oxygen cylinders, we are currently limiting sales of oxygen units to one per customer. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Divers Alert Network.
Rescue Pak Ext. Care Plus - white cylinder


  • 1- Compact, rolling waterproof case
  • 1- Brass multi-function regulator
  • 1- Demand Valve (D-DV-W-RC)
  • 1- 6ft green hose w/quick connect
  • 1- Jumbo D (M22) cylinder (White)
  • 2- Non Re-breather mask
  • 1- Oronasal resuscitation mask
  • 1- Handwheel Wrench
  • 1- 02 Assembly Slate

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WHITE CYLINDER NOT FOR USE IN THE UNITED STATES This unit holds approximately 52 minutes of delivery time @ 12 liters per minute. M22 Cylinder: 636 liters/22.85 cu. ft. Brass multi-function regulator with 2 DISS threaded outlets, 1 barbed constant flow outlet, and 1 pressure gauge in psi. Thermoplastic demand valve, maintenance and corrosion free, with quick connect fitting. 6' quick connect oxygen hose with stainless steel end connections; 1 DISS connector, 1 quick connect fitting Note: This hose is not interchangeable with versions requiring DISS connectors on both ends. Unit dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9 inches Weight: 26.5 pounds Proper training is required to administer oxygen. To find an instructor near you, visit DAN Training

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