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Due to a shortage of oxygen cylinders, we are currently limiting sales of oxygen units to one per customer. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Divers Alert Network.
DAN Charter Boat Kit


  • 1- 1300 Pelican green waterproof case
  • 1- Multi-function H-Regulator w/wrench
  • 1- Demand Valve with 6 foot green hose
  • 2- Non-Rebreather mask with 6-foot tubing
  • 1- Oronasal Resuscitation Mask (pocket mask)

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The DAN Charter Boat Unit is designed to be used on lager built-in oxygen cylinders aboard charter boats and other vessels. These vessels require a larger supply of oxygen for an extended periods of oxygen treatment. This unit comes with a first stage CGA-540 Regulator and Demand Valve w/6 foot green hose. Case size: 10.7"x 9.7"x 6.8", 2.8 lbs.(Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty and has the highest international manufacturing quality certification. Made in the USA)
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