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Consumer Resources

Decompression Sickness

DAN’s 40-page DCS booklet provides updated concepts of causes and mechanisms, typical manifestations and standard management of risks and symptoms.



The Heart & Diving

Nearly 1/3 of diving fatalities are associated with a cardiac event. This 56-page booklet highlights risk factors, heart disease and medications.



Hazardous Marine Life

This 36-page booklet covers common marine life injuries that divers experience including envenomations, traumatic injuries and seafood poisoning.



The Ears & Diving

40% of DAN medical inquiries concern the ears. This booklet focuses on common ear issues such as equalization, hygiene, injuries and treatments.



Business Resources

DAN 2018 Risk Assessment Guide - HIRA

The 2018 DAN Risk Assessment Guide for Dive Operators and Dive Professionals



Pro Package A: Reference Booklets

Perfect for the classroom, this package contains 5 of each Health & Diving resource booklets. Ideal educational handouts for your students.



Pro Package C: Reference Booklets

Ideal for resale or dive training courses, this package includes 25 of each Heart & Diving, Ears & Diving and Hazardous Marine Life booklets.



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